Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Pet Spot Cleaner Review

Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Pet Spot Cleaner ReviewThe Bissell Little Green Machine is a carpet cleaner which can deliver quick professional cleaning of carpet and upholstery with the minimum level of effort. It combines the powerful suction generated through a 2.75 amp motor and a cleaning spray to remove stains before they can get settled in. This provides better cleaning than the chemical cleaners which rubs the stains in and leaves it even sturdier. The machine provides a better, more environment friendly cleaning when compared to the other cleaners. Equipped with a 15 foot long power cord for long range access, a 4 inch cleaning path and a flexible vacuum hose, the product is well equipped to handle all your carpet cleaning needs.

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  • Product Features and Specifications of the Little Green Machine:

  • Provides a 1-year limited warranty.
  • Has a powerful 2.75 amp electric motor.
  • Provides eco-friendly PVC free tanks and hose.
  • Utilizes a quick clean solution which sucks up stains and dries in just 1 step.
  • Has Dimension of 9.1 x 18.8 x 13.25 inches making it quite light and handy.
  • Boasts sustainable features which reduce waste products and minimizes harm to the environment.
  • Uses liquid cleaning formulas which do not contain any heavy metals, dyes, phosphates or optical brighteners making the cleaning formulas environment friendly.
  • Bissell Little Green Pro Heat Pet Spot Cleaner Review

From my personal experience, the Bissell Little Green Machine Multi-Purpose Compact Earth-Friendly Deep Cleaner, 1400-7 offers the most effective stain solution. The cleaner has, up to now, never failed to clean a spill or dirt or any kind of stain as long as I get it cleaned within a few hours of spillage. This is acceptable to me as the product description did say that it cleans the spillage as long as it does not get the chance to get settled. Even if the stain is allowed to get settled, it still does a good job of cleaning the stain and depending on how deeply the stain is settled, results can range from partially cleaned to completely gone.

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The Bissell Little Green Machine Multi-Purpose Compact Earth-Friendly Deep Cleaner, 1400-7 is my preference because of their eco-friendly technology. With their environment friendly production scheme, I feel very proud of myself for using this product. This is a product which not only cleans my carpets; it also keeps the environment clean.

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There are a few small flaws in the design of the Bissell Little Green Machine Multi-Purpose Compact Earth-Friendly Deep Best Carpet Cleaner, 1400-7. The most important to notice would be the very small size of the solution tank. I understand that the model is made to be compact, but if you have to go around mixing cleaning solution for your cleaner every 10 minutes or so, it does become a big hassle to clean a lot of stuff. Fortunately for me, I do not need to use it that often or for that long at one session so it works out for me. The other thing that annoys me a lot is that the design of the product is not very well thought out. This cleaner has a long power cord but a comparatively smaller hose. This should be the other way round at the very least and to make it really helpful; it should have provided longer hoses and the long power cord. The other solution could be to allow the hose to have a bit more flexibility so that it becomes easier to reach inside wall or stair corners because otherwise you will have to struggle with the corners.

The Bissell Little Green Machine Multi-Purpose Compact Earth-Friendly Deep Cleaner, 1400-7 reduces the waste produced but increases the waste of cleaning fluid. This is true because the cleaning fluid is spread over a wide angle while spraying which wastes more fluid than necessary and leaves the carpet moist. This is a bother sometimes, especially when you want the carpet to be quickly dried after cleaning up a small patch of spill. This is not a major issue, but a minor inconvenience which can be dealt with. I am satisfied with the Bissell carpet cleaner and its performance. It gets my work done in a very short amount of time and gets the carpet very clean. The issues that I have mentioned are not major problems but minor inconveniences which are greatly outperformed by the product’s helpfulness and performance.

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